Direct Mail

Direct Mail

All digital printing is not created equal.

With pop-up blockers, no-call telemarketing lists, and required e-mail opt-ins, there are few ways left to reach customers one-on-one without explicit permission. As your mail box will attest, Direct Mail is still a valid marketing strategy, and when implemented correctly can yield impressive results. You can download our free “3 Rules for Effective Direct Mail” guide below to make your next direct mail project a success.

Clients have utilized our direct mail services for over 20 years for large scale or short run postcards, solicitations and custom shape appeals. The entire process, from design to drop, is handled under one roof, providing unparalleled turn around, quality and price.

With the advent of digital printing, you can take advantage of Variable Data Printing to customize each piece. Names, pictures and text can all be varied to get the right message to the right person, and personalized pieces lead to much better response. Check out this piece from the Jimmy V Classic that used Variable Data to create a compelling piece.

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