Sports Design

How Athletics Organizations Reach, Connect
and Inspire with Metro

Sponsorships. Ticket Sales. Merchandising. — Athletics has become big business. Communicating to fans, donors and sponsors is crucial in athletic management success, and we have the experience, talent and capabilities for effective athletic marketing and communication. If it requires a ball, a shoe, or any level of competition, we’ve helped promote it through a variety of projects, such as:


  • Logo and Identity Design
  • Website and Electronic communication development
  • Event marketing and support (save the dates, invitations, programs and displays)
  • Commercials and promotional videos
  • Direct Mail postcards
  • Game materials (tickets, parking passes, signage, handouts, promotions)
  • Traditional and Digital Advertising
  • Merchandise design and production (t-shirts, cups, books, videos)
  • Commercials and Promotional videos


Examples of projects are below, but also check out our Success Stories, where you’ll see how we’ve helped UNC Athletics with a wide array of projects throughout the years.

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