Looking for Quality, Turnaround and a Great Price? Metro Gives you all 3.

You have heard it before.  It's not possible for a printer to provide high quality printing services on a short turnaround for a fair price. The offset printing industry standard has been a print shop can only deliver 2 of the 3. At Metro, we have created our own standard.

There's No Substitute For Quality.
You can find printing services in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill inside office supply stores, at large commercial printing companies, mom and pop print shops or even online. You can't always find a firm dedicated to producing quality work on every job.  Metro uses state-of-the-art digital printing, as well as tried-and-true offset printing, to print at the highest possible quality for projects of every size and scope.

A new client had this to say about our quality, "This last issue got the most positive response I've ever heard from one of our magazines, and I attribute a lot of that to the crisp, elegant design and the vivid color throughout the entire magazine. The pictures, articles and graphics just popped off the page. It was just a home run on every front."

It's Not The Printing Industry; It's The Hurry Industry.
How many times have you told a printer "Here's my print job. Take your time, I don't need it anytime soon"? More than likely not very often. We usually hear "we needed it yesterday."

Metro has been printing for businesses since 1988, and what has kept customers coming through the door is our commitment to "print on demand." We juggle schedules, stay late, come in early-whatever it takes to get the job done on time.

Price Matters, But Value Matters More.
You expect high-quality printing and quick turnarounds, but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Metro's digital printing produces lower cost pieces for a vast majority of projects, and our traditional printing carries much lower overhead than traditional commercial printers, making us competitive on all print jobs. In printing you can always find a cheaper price somewhere, but with our combination of quality, speed and price, you'll never find a better value.

Here's proof. The amazing thing about the  "home-run" quote above? By switching to Metro they saved close to 50% on their total project cost.

Relax, You've Found The "Perfect Partner."
What makes metro the perfect partner is not only our capabilities, but our commitment to customer service. We are committed to listening to the customer, then delivering what they expect, when it's expected .Our printing services combined with in-house graphic design and direct mail and gives you one turnkey source for any printing project you can imagine.

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