Design a logo or Bike 100 miles?

Design a logo or Bike 100 miles?

We love to do pro bono work when the opportunity and time to do it converge. Recently, we had an opportunity, and we decided to make the time.

I’ve known the Hoover family for about 10 years. Chris and I coached church basketball together for 4 years, his children have grown up with mine, his wife has taught my kids, and we generally count Chris and his family as fantastic people we are fortunate to know.

Around 6 years ago Chris was diagnosed with MS, and it shocked everyone. It was hard to understand how someone so strong, vibrant and full of energy could be diagnosed with something so life changing so quickly. That shock immediately turned to action as friends rallied behind Chris and his family, and in a matter of a few short months, Team Hoover was born. Team Hoover is a group of devoted family and friends that rides in Chris’ name at the New Bern MS bike ride. Every year this group rides hundreds of miles and volunteers countless hours to raise money for MS. Chris leads the team, and his enthusiasm and energy inspire and motivate everyone who participates.


That energy and spirit turned a passionate group of friends into a non-profit organization, and the ride has led to greater fundraising, and FUN-raising, opportunities. As the organization grew, so did the need for a logo. Family commitments (and honestly the idea of my butt on a hard bike seat for 100 miles!) have kept me from attending the ride, so I was thrilled when I got to donate time to create a logo, support Chris and help the cause.

Logo Design Raleigh TH SketchThe process started, interestingly enough, on a basketball court. I sketched initial ideas while sitting in the stands during my son’s basketball practice. Those sketches turned into 8 logo ideas. All the ideas were based on parts of a bicycle, the concept of team, and the verse on the team jerseys “…mount up with wings like eagles…” Once we had some ideas, we picked a favorite, made some tweaks, and voila – an awesome group had an awesome logo for their ride!

Raleigh Logo Design_TH Full

Thanks for giving me the opportunity, Team Hoover – we’re proud of the logo and loved seeing it splashed all over New Bern this past weekend as so many showed up to support a great family and a great cause. Hopefully this got me off the hook for riding at least one more year!



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